Warp Eight In The Slow Lane – Backstory

A long time ago (about 40 years), in a land far away (one of the first virtual lands, yclept Compuserve), a tiny band of decidedly different pioneers set out to build a community equally virtual (and strange). For all practical purposes, we built the first major public information and knowledge-sharing sites in the world as well as the original version of the chatroom, called a CB Simulator, quaintly enough.

Strangely enough, we succeeded way beyond our wildest dreams. And we had some wild dreams. This is but one little taste of just one of the virtual places from that virtual land, a tiny subset of NetWits called Kermits Korner.

So, to AVR and Cupcake and Wookie and Mojo and Cropduster and Octalpus and Lovely Legs and Ashley and Sanderson and all of the hundreds of others who helped pave the way, here be some stuff I writ.

Kermit D. Frawg
Cowboy frog philosopher